Master’s Degree in Cultural Planning and Management. Doctorate in Comparative Literature from the Universities of Lisbon and La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands), he graduated in Philology Hispanic and studied Journalism at the then Faculty of Information Sciences.

For four years he was an advisor and programmer in the area of ​​Culture of the City Council of La Laguna and artistic director of the Teatro Leal in the first year of its reopening. Since 2009 directs Folelé Producciones, an agency specializing in international artistic booking, with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of public and private cultural management.

He is director and artistic programmer of the “Festival Boreal”, an eco-festival of international reference and the the only one in the Canary Islands that has a ‘Premio Fest’. This award was received in the category of Best Festival of Spain in Diversity and Gender Equality and was awarded in 2007 at the BIME of Bilbao by the MIM association (Women of the Music Industry in Spain). That same year, the festival signed a bilateral framework agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries of Cabo Verde, the only agreement to date in cultural matters between these two Macaronesian archipelagos. A year later, it was a finalist in the Iberian Festival Awards in the category of Best Cultural Programme, which placed it among the 10 best festivals in Spain and Portugal. This year 2022, Festival Boreal is again on TOP 10 of the best festivals of Spain and Portugal in the Iberian Festival Awards. The valorization of other cultures of the world, its unique multidisciplinary character and its innovative urban design in a sensitive and unique natural environment are some of the hallmarks of this festival, a meeting sustainable and diverse articulated on a double and active decentralization of culture.

Likewise, Javier is director and artistic programmer of the “Festival de Fado de Canarias”, of the festival of street art “Trashplant Festival” (which is curated by the great Portuguese artist Bordalo II and it’s the only one Trash Art festival in the World), and he is also curator of several exhibitions that have been premieres in Europe.