Hamma Amine. Musician and activist in the cultural field in Morocco.
He played in one of the first rock groups in Morocco in 1996, then created a fanzine dedicated to this musical aesthetic in 1999.
He set up other experimental musical projects with musicians who would become the spearhead of Casablanca music.
He also set up musical projects in Paris, such as Café Mira (World Music) and collaborated in the World Music Guide, Planètes Musiques, with François Bensignor.
He was interviewed by Gérome Guibert in the popular music review, Volume! Les scenes Metal, and by Marc Levine in the book Heavy Metal Islam.
He also writes in theKounach magazine of the L’Boulevard festival in Casablanca, where he is an artistic advisor. After eleven years in Europe, he returned to Morocco in 2014 to work as a project manager at cultural NGO Fondation Hiba, where he launched workshops with Visa For Music and designed diverse projects (HIBA_Rec, HIBA_Lab, Khaliya comic, Rssource center,…).
In 2016, he published the book Jil Lklam, dedicated to the Moroccan urban music scene. In 2023 he created a Rock Festival, Tricinty.