21:40 - 22:10
Teatro Bellini - Via Conte di Ruvo, 14 - 80135 Napoli (NA)

Tupa Ruja
“World music meets ancestral and contemporary sounds”

Martina Lupi: voice, shruti box, flutes, live effects
Fabio Gagliardi: didgeridoo, percussions

The musical project of the duo Tupa Ruja, formed by Martina Lupi and Fabio Gagliardi, is a real “journey through sounds” that crosses times and cultures, bringing together instruments coming from different places and worlds, such as the didgeridoo, (the traditional Australian Aboriginal instrument), some percussion from different parts of the world, flutes and Indian and accordions, with multiple expressions of the voice, from improvisation to harmonic singing (specific to the culture of Mongolia), to original songs that rediscover languages and dialects belonging to Mediterranean cultures .

Their music is characterized by a unique style, as it collects elements and sounds from different cultural worlds, uniting them and creating new forms of dialogue between cultures and traditions, based on continuous research and experimentation.