16:30 - 17:15
Bourbon Street Club - Via Vincenzo Bellini, 52/53, 80135 Napoli NA

In the spring of 2020, Scialacore emerged as a folk music trio with a mission to explore the rich tapestry of the Mediterranean. Their approach to this musical journey is intimate, attentive, and pulsating with rhythm and conviviality. The live experience becomes a captivating odyssey that interlaces various musical influences, leading the audience through an enchanting imaginary landscape. The musical repertoire ventures into the diverse corners of the Mediterranean, spanning Naples and Campania, Central Italy, the Pollino region, and Salento. From sixteenth-century Neapolitan villanelle to Greek rebetiko, and to the Sephardic tradition, Scialacore paints vivid musical scenes, capturing the essence of both their Southern roots and those of other cultures.”Marenostrum” – the sea – remains a symbolic space of crossings. The project’s name is derived from letters penned by Pliny the Younger to the historian Tacitus, collected in Neapolitan in the book “Comme s’arricettaie zizìo.” It is encapsulated in the word “godimento,” signifying the joy of shared participation and mutual appreciation found in the pleasure, delight, and fulfillment of musical expression. This concept forms the thread weaving through the trio’s repertoire, encompassing passionate songs and dances, expressions of love, movement, and the
rhythms of labor from the vibrant hearts of diverse cultures worldwide.

Scialacore, an eclectic world music project, took root in 2020. The trio’s shared interests and passion for traditional music from Southern Italy and the broader Mediterranean area quickly became the uniting force among its three diverse members.
Giuseppe di Taranto, a singer-songwriter and musician of “la bestia CARENNE”,channels his singer-songwriter calling into the rich tapestry if the Pollino region.
Mariangela Giombini embarked on her vocal and singing journey with the “Energia Vocale” method, studying alongside with Libera Velo. She continued her musical exploration with Maestro Carlo Lomanto, Monica Pinto ( Spakkaneapolis, Zezi), Anna Maria Civico, Francoise Atlan. She’s also currently studying Eastern folk
repertoire with Veka Aler and Martha Mavroudi. Paolo Petraroli, an enthusiastic scholar of Campanian tradition and a multi- instrumentalist, dedicates his studies to the art and practice of framedrums and collecting folk traditional tunes from Southern Italy.


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