01-12-2023 - 01-01-2024
15:30 - 16:15
Bourbon Street Club - Via Vincenzo Bellini, 52/53, 80135 Napoli NA

Osso Sacro is a research, re-elaborated version and repositioning project of the oral and audio narratives of the Samnite territory. It came out the artistic union between the Poet and Performer Vittorio Zollo and the multi-instrumentalist Corrado Ciervo and Carlo Ciervo, which took place in 2020.
Osso Sacro’s research is procedural, a constant questioning of the contemporary, both in topics and sounds. The members of the group search within the traces of lost orality, of the “traceless text”, of the sound that was and of the sound that could be, especially in the areas of the internal areas of Campania and in general of the entire Apennines of Central-South.

From the Sannio hills clinging to landslides, from the last slag of human misery, their debut work is entitled “Urla dal Confine”, “Screams from the border”, a work in which they condense Spoken Word, World Music, Rock and Electronics.
The project won the Dubito di Poesia con Musica Award in 2021 and the album was presented on the 27th and the 28th of December 2022 at theater Mulino Pacifico of Benevento, after various dates between Bologna, Milan, Rome and Treviso.

The project also won the 2023 “Andrea Parodi Award”, in which it also won the “Best Arrangement Award” and the “Competing Artists Award”.
The project is produced by ZPL – Zoopalco Poetry Label § 2022.